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This product is mostly used for interior applications however, certain lighter colours can be used for exterior signage, outdoor furniture and cladding.

We carry core ranges of certain colours. We always have containers on the water. If we need to bring in a specific colour then we need an approximate lead time of 10 to 12 weeks.

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3680x760x12MM and 2500x760x6MM (only available in certain colours)

On exterior and interior products it is 10 years.  Terms and conditions apply.

Solid Surfacing can be routed to create a variety of edge types, which helps define the style of the installation.

Solid Surfaces are heat‐resistant and will remain stable and undamaged up to 100ºC. However, high heat or flame can damage the surface; yet, in most cases, damage can be repaired. To protect the countertop surface, always use a heat pad or trivet. Or think of the stainless steel heat rails near a stove where hot pans can be placed without worry.

We thought you’d never ask. If granite is not sealed regularly, it can become stained,and harbour bacteria, viruses and mold. Seams in granite are also difficult to keep clean. Solid Surfaces are nonporous with smooth, impenetrable seams to prevent unwelcomed germs and mildew. Solid Surfaces are also more impact‐resistant than granite; plus, curved and circular designs are easier and less expensive to fabricate.

No, we only supply the products. However, your representative will refer you to a number of trusted, qualified installers with whom we have working experience with.

We supply matching glues to colours in 50ML or 250 ML tubes.

Our Solid Surfaces are popular to use for kitchen countertops, bathrooms and vanities, and for any worktop surfaces in the medical and healthcare industries.

Yes, only qualified installers may work with solid surfaces.  Contact a Salvocorp representative to refer you to a training institution.

The exterior colours are UV resistant.

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